Perez: Force India 'maximised' Chinese GP qualifying performance


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Perez: Force India 'maximised' Chinese GP qualifying performance

After a difficult start to his 2018 Formula 1 campaign, Force India's Sergio Perez was back in the Top 10 in qualifying after he qualified eighth for the Chinese Grand Prix. This was the Mexican's first Q3 run since 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The team started off with a decent run on Friday before getting into the Top 10 in FP3. While Perez was eigth, Esteban Ocon was not far off in 12th as only - but the Frenchman has a free tyre choice as opposed to Perez for the race.

"Quite happy with the qualifying and very happy& with& my position& as well," said Perez.& "We were so close in Q3, so pleased with that.& My Q3 lap was very strong and I feel that we really maximised qualifying.

"The wind was very tricky because it changed completely from yesterday and I knew it could offer us an opportunity& The strategy will be interesting because starting on the UltraSoft may not be ideal, but we will try and make it work."

Over the weekend, it was reported that Force India got its rear end concept slightly wrong and that the wind tunnel numbers were not matching to that of the on-track performance. As a result, the team has to come up with a quick solution to get the car work in the weekends.

There were no complaints from the drivers of difficulty in driving in Chinese GP qualifying, at least, with Ocon feeling pretty well. "To be honest, the car’s been feeling pretty good in the& sessions [this weekend]," he said.

"I was happy with how it was feeling [today], so it is just a bit disappointed with that [final sector mistake on Q2 run],& but tomorrow is another day and we will try to get some points." The Frenchman already has it first first point of 2018 in Bahrain.